Managing Director
Mr. Anuj Kr. Paliwal
Third Eye Education (P) Ltd.

In this age of technologically advanced, globalize commerce and borderless world, an institution of higher learning is tasked with the responsibility to equip minds with contemporary knowledge and to nurture the development of the “Complete” individual - knowledgeable, adequately trained for the work place, and an asset to employer, society and nation. At the same time such an institution must strive to be a catalyst for research, innovation, invention and creativity, spurred by its commitment to lead and not merely to follow and motivated by the knowledge that it has both the opportunity and capability to mould precious human resource into exceptional and invaluable individuals. There will be new frontiers to conquer and new challenges to face. It will test the quality initiatives and resourcefulness of both staff and management, but I believe that we will remain vibrant, dynamic and forward-looking.

The hands-on training embedded in our course modules not only underpins learning but also gives a tangible advantage in the employment market. This is an endorsement of our reputation for excellence. Those who wish to join us can be assured of exposure to a culture that provokes analytical mental faculties, stimulates creativity and imbibes international perspective attributes that are crucial for success in a rapidly changing world.

We are always striving to assist our students in whatever way we can in their career development and aim to make them professionals of the highest level of excellence, in their respective fields.

Third Eye Education (P) Ltd.
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